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2009 Tax Return Checklist

The following information will be required to enable us to correctly complete
your taxation return.


  • All PAYG Summaries
  • Statement of Pensions & Benefits Received
  • Termination Statements (if retired or retrenched)
  • Details of All Interest Earned On Savings or Investment Accounts
     (Look for any T.F.N. tax deducted)
  • Dividend Notices
  • Details of proceeds from Property or Share sales (for CGT Purposes)
  • Details of any other income received (e.g. Trust Distributions, Partnership Income)


  • Receipts (Proper Tax Receipts) if claiming over $300 for work expenses
  • Car diary or log book and details of car changeover if claiming motor vehicle expenses
  • Costs for Self Education Expenses (if applicable)


  • Taxable Income of Spouse
  • DOB for Spouse and Dependents
  • Amounts received for Family Tax Benefit - Both A & B Components
  • Statement from Private Health Insurer (if applicable) re: entitlement to Health Insurance Rebate & Medicare Surcharge Relief
  • Medical Receipts if cost to your family exceeds $1500
  • Details of any contributions made to a Superannuation fund on behalf of your spouse & spouse's assessable income
  • Details of any personal contributions to a Superannuation fund (co-contribution benefit may apply)
  • Details regarding any new dependants born since 1st July 2001 (Baby Bonus)
  • List of out-of-pocket child care expenses for July 2006 to June 2007


  • Details of Rental Received
  • Receipts for all expenses relating to the property
  • Copy of Loan Contract & Bank Statements if property under finance
  • Details of any Capital Improvements Undertaken
  • Copy of Contract and Settlement Statement if purchased during the current financial year
  • Depreciation Schedules if transferring from another Tax Agent/Accountant


For your convenience appointments should be made on:

Altona                 9398 4033

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